Nintendo 3DS V5.1.0-11 Firmware Update Released

After about one week of 3DS V5.0.0-11 updated news released, Nintendo official annouced a new firmware v5.1.0-11 update for 3DS. However, it was said that the update is meant to fix errors with system updating that had been occurring in 5.0.0-11, not meant to block any flashcart.

Following is more detailed information about this update:

It was said by nintendo that the update is mean’t to fix errors with system updating that had been occurring in 5.0.0-11.
Nintendo can now push new apps without your allowance with spotpass, as seen with auto-added JAP region apps for eBooks and another misc app. (Although it’s probable that they legally cannot push new updates on you(forcefully anyway) Just simply block online applications such as the eShop
Minor update
eShop additions
Blocks access to eShop without an update
All regions
Pictures of a 3DS with update and date.

It has been confirmed that this new 3ds firmware didn’t block flashcart. So, if your flashcart can work on the 3ds V5.0.0-10, then it will still work on the 3ds V5.1.0-11. And according to the official site released news about r4 card, r4i gold 3ds from and r4idsn from have written clearly that they can support 3ds v5.1.0-11.

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