Confirmed News: Gateway 3DS Can Support Firmware Version 4.5 Currently

After doing hard work to improve gateway 3ds during recent few months, Gateway 3DS team noted that Gateway 3DS flash card has been released. It is updated from GATEWAY 3DS official website that gateway 3ds can currently only support firmware version v4.5.0 on Jul.11, 2013. And they are now official opening of pre-orders. Gateway is pleased to announce start of manufacturing and the opening of pre-orders. They expect to roll out the first units to resellers within the next fortnight.

Please pay special attention to the following critical information regarding our current software development phase.

1) Yes, we are exploit based (Yay !?) and therefore very dependent on console firmware version: Our current plan is to release for firmware version 4.5 while continuing work on a solution for 6.x + after release. (please see note below)

2) Gateway will be shipped with 2 cards, the red Gateway shown in our video, which will handle 3ds backups, and a blue ds cart which will be used to prepare the console. ( more demo videos showing save game compatibility as well as setup procedures to follow soon )

3) Your console can be safely updated to 4.5 by using an original title released after March 2013 till current. Please double check the update message (version) before proceeding !


We currently have a very convenient and user friendly way to enter into our Gateway mode, while this entry point has been tested up to 6.0 we expect it to be shut off shortly after we release. We can not stress enough the importance of staying away from any further updates! ( 6.0 compatibility is only valid for our initial entry point, as stated in point (1) we currently only support firmware version 4.5 ) has proven to be one of a pretty reliable flashcarts reseller and you can find the gateway 3ds flashcart on their website now. When they have the first batch of stock, it will dispatch the order as soon as possible. So, if you are interested in it, welcome to make the order directly at any time here: buy gateway 3ds flashcard

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