Where To Buy The Best R4i Gold 3DS RTS For 3DS V7.1.0-16


Nintendo official team updated the 3DS system version to 7.1.0-16. It was a minor system update which just adds further improvements to overall system stability. More detailed information, you can read here. And the version 7.1.0-16U is available to download now.

According to many 3ds flashcart users, no flashcarts were blocked in this new firmware update, many r4i card users said their cards are still working great. And just updated their 3DS system to the latest 7.1.0-16U.

R4i gold 3ds rts is considered to be one of the best r4i 3ds cards in the world to compatible with newest 3ds system 7.1.0-16 after reading around many websites. So we recommend you to buy this card, also the development team behind r4i gold 3ds rts card release the firmware update extremely quick to bypass Nintendo 3ds update, with or without firmware update patch.

So, where to buy the best r4i gold 3ds rts card? You can buy it from its official retailer: http://3ds-games-cards.com

I searched around and also found about 5 great cards for the latest 3ds console:

1. R4i Gold 3DS RTS card
2. Supercard dstwo
3. R4i sdhc 3DS RTS card
4. R4i sdhc 3DS Dual Core card
5. R4i sdhc silver rts lite

Nintendo Consider Mobile Phone Games After Another Rough Year


Earlier in the week, Nintendo reported expectations for their upcoming earnings, and even slashed their Wii U sales forecast by over 70 percent. The company will have its third straight fiscal year with an operating loss as strong 3DS game sales are not enough to turn around the company’s fortunes.

In light of the earnings, and a 20 percent drop in the company’s stock price as a result, it appears Nintendo may finally be “studying” new business models.

“We are thinking about a new business structure,” says Nintendo president Satoru Iwata. “Given the expansion of smart devices, we are naturally studying how smart devices can be used to grow the game-player business. It’s not as simple as enabling Mario to move on a smartphone.”

The Wii U saw reduced projections multiple times last year and the company slashed its fiscal year Wii U sales forecast to 2.8 million from 9 million, a devastatingly low estimate. 3DS sales were also guided down to 13.5 million units from 18 million units.

What Is The Best Multi Game Card Including Mario Kart DS Games?

Mario is the most popular video games character of all times. So, supposed there is multi game card which contains mario kart games, and some of other games in one card. Is that an amazing thing? Yes, you can do it. Multi game card, not like r4 3ds card which needs to download the firmware and games yourself, it is just plug and play when you recieve the cards. So, it is the best 3ds games you can buy for your child. Mario is a plumber of Italian origin who lives in Mushroom Kingdom. Mario First appeared in Donkey Kong game released by Nintendo in 1981. Since then over 200 video games had Mario as their character. The classic Mario games were platformers, but later on Nintendo made all kinds of games with Mario including racing, sports and even RPG games. Today Mario is Nintendo’s mascot.

The Mario series is a long-running video game series published by the popular gaming company, Nintendo. The Mario series has been running for more than a quarter of a century, and in its lifespan has released more than two hundred video games. The series also holds the title of best-selling video game franchise in history, with over 262 million combined units sold.

Mario Kart, because it’s a tried and true fun racer that steers well, and is a fun multiplayer game. It plays fantastic to most of the child, the large-scale fights, the behaviour of the monsters, the thrill of downing a huge baddie, and skinning it for a new epic weapon. Crafting in general, and the many different ways to fight. Most of the kids may spend about 15 hours with Sword’n'Board, and are playing with dualblades at the 20th hour, and it really is refreshing to try something new. There is so much to each weapon, that they would likely be playing at the 250th hour before they could honestly say that they’ve tried all weapons. It’s also a game that challenges your skill in combat, more than your build or character level, as those are only there to a certain degree. All in all, some of the child played about 50 hours so far, and they’ve not been bored for a second, and there’s still loads of content left for them to explore. Can’t wait.

Since this game is so popular among children, more and more parents query which is the best multi game card that includes Mario Kart game? And here I suggest you to buy 180 in 1 multi game card.

180-in-1 16GB Upgradeable Super Multi Games Card for Nintendo 3DS&DSi (XL/LL), DS Lite and DS

Following is the first 10 game list

001-Mario Kart DS (U)
002-New Super Mario Bros. (E)
003-Mario Party DS (U)
004-Mario and Luigi- Partners in Time (E)
005-Mario Vs. Donkey Kong 2 – March Of The Minis (U)
006-Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games (E)
007-Super Mario 64 DS (U)
008-Yoshi’s Island DS (U)
009-Mario Slam Basketball (E)
010-Yoshi Touch & Go (U)

For more detailed game list, please click here.

Buy Multi Game Card, Get Free Beats Tour Earphone

Multi game card is loved by more and more ds game players. It is easy to use, just insert to the console, then you can enjoy the fun of playing games. Rather than r4 card, you need to download software and ds roms yourselft.

587-in-1 64GB Upgradeable Super Multi Games Card for Nintendo 3DS&DSi (XL/LL), DS Lite and DS

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Windows 8 apps will work on Xbox One

You may have noticed that Microsoft has been working hard to unify all of its platforms lately and the last piece of that puzzle is the Xbox One. It may not be clearly branded with the name Microsoft, and is not part of the Windows line, but it is part of their ecosystem nonetheless and they seem to be operating under the umbrella of “no platform left behind. So it is no surprise that they would want to get the Xbone all squared away with their plans.


Awhile back Microsoft teased that Windows 8 apps would work on the Xbox One, and has even hinted at cross-platform gaming between the Xbox One and Windows 8 machines. Aside from that, nothing has been confirmed, until now. Dell might have accidentally given us confirmation by saying that “all your favorite Windows 8 apps” will run and sync to your Xbox One.

We are still left to wonder how these apps will be controlled. For instance, using a gaming controller for TV app input can be frustrating. To that end, Microsoft has been pushing its SmartGlass mobile app, so your tablet or phone can act as a second screen. One with a good keyboard.

Will there be more Kinect input? That is likely. We are still waiting for this info and we should hear soon since the console will arrive in November.

What’s The Best 3DS Game And Where To Download 3DS Games For Free?

The best 3ds games is without a doubt Fire Emblem: Awakening. And you can download this 3ds games roms in the micro sdhc card with gateway 3ds flashcard, no need to buy the original game card from Nintendo.

The Nintendo 3DS is a portable game console produced by Nintendo. The handheld features stereoscopic 3D technology that doesn’t require glasses. It was released in Japan on February 26, 2011 and in North America on March 27, 2011.

fire emblem

Fire Emblem: Awakening revolves around two things: Complex tactical combat and sweet, sweet romance. It’s a turn-based tactical role-playing game like Final Fantasy Tactics or Devil Survivor, but with a twist: As your combatants fight alongside one another, they can fall in love. If you keep them paired up, they’ll boost one another’s stats, and they can even get married and have kids together. Without all the love and marriage, Fire Emblem: Awakening would be an immaculately designed, rewarding, and difficult strategy game. With all the love and marriage, it becomes one of the best strategy games on any system, and certainly one of the best games on the 3DS.

A Good Match For: Strategy fans, people who like games where loss carries real consequences, romantics, micromanagers, matchmakers.

Not For Those Who Want: Fast-paced action, uncomplicated rules, unchallenging games, main characters who have feet.

If you buy this preinstall service, you can request them to download Fir Emblem 3ds games roms to you.

Kingston 16GB Micro SDHC Card + Pre-Install 20 3DS Games Customized Service

Nintendo 3DS Upgraded To Version 6.3.0-12

Nintendo 3DS system software is a set of updatable firmware versions and software frontend on the Nintendo 3DS video game console. Updates, which are downloaded via the system’s Internet connection allow Nintendo to add and remove features and software. All updates also include all changes from previous updates.

The current version of the system software, 6.3.0-12U, was made available on September 13, 2013.

System stability improvements and other adjustments
Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience

3DS Rom Tool For Gateway 3DS Flashcart Released

If you have owned a Gateway 3DS Flashcart, you can use this 3DS rom tool to modify 3DS roms.


Read 3DS ROM’s, and print information about them, including actual ROM file size, and minimum required 3DS FW etc.

Accurately trim 3DS ROM’s, and be able to restore them again.

Patch minimum required FW to 1.0.0-0X

Yes you’re probably going to ask how I am able to modify parts of the ROM, without breaking the signature. Well the answer is, the data I’m changing isn’t covered by the header signature. I haven’t been able to test the min fw patch feature (as I don’t have a Gateway-3ds card), but it should work. ROM trimming and un-trimming is tested(to trim and un-trim correctly), and works all 3DS ROM sizes, large (4GB) and small (128MB).



This is a windows command line tool, so you have to use cmd .

View ROM Info:
rom_tool -i -r Test.3ds

rom_tool -t -r Test.3ds -o Test_trimmed.3ds

rom_tool -f -r Test.3ds -o Test_untrimmed.3ds

(NOTE: Trimming and Un-trimming with large ROMs will take a while)

Patching Required FW Version to 1.0.0-X:
rom_tool -p -r Test.3ds -o Test_fwpatched.3ds

(NOTE: When patching the FW version, rom_tool will automatically trim the rom. So if you want to keep the ROM ‘full sized’, include the fillout (un-trim) option when executing rom_tool.)

Where To Buy Gateway 3DS Flashcart In UK

Gateway 3DS team claimed that they have hacked the world’s first real 3ds flashcart finally hacked, which called gateway 3ds flashcart and released a short video on Youtube to prove it.

Gateway 3DS flashcard - the first real 3DS flashcard, play backup 3DS ROMS

You might not believe it, but it is true that you’ll be able to play 3DS games from MicroSD card. From the unedited video, you will see they use the device booting 3 different backed up 3DS ROMS consecutively which are loaded on the gateway 3ds flashcart via microSD cards.

Gateway 3ds flashcart has emerged in the market for several weeks, many players, especially from UK, are eager to know where to buy gateway 3ds flashcart in UK.  R4I-3DS has proven to be a pretty reliable reseller online and you can find the hot discussion from the largest video game Forum—GBA TEMP.

You can buy it direct from here


Gateway 3ds finally hacked, it is definitely an awesome and exciting news for players who want to play 3ds roms via flashcart. You might originally thought that the Nintendo 3DS would be never hacked, but now, the impossible became possible. Gateway 3ds flashcart is designed to play backup 3ds roms and supports all 3ds roms till now, and it is only compatible with 3DS and 3DS XL console firmware v4.1-4.5.

Well, this news has already been confirmed by many homebrew developers, too.

Where To Buy The Best Preflashed Super card Dstwo For 3DS V6.2.0-12 & DSI V1.45 With PP

As we know that currently the latest 3ds and dsi firmware has been updated to V6.2.0-12 and V1.45. The new 3ds firmware changed some features, providing more features, this is very good, but there is also bad news that this update has blocked many flashcards again. But now, more and more flashcart already released the update patch to work on 3ds v6.2.0-12 & dsi v1.45. They either released a update patch or released a new cart to support the new 3ds and dsi firmware. And super card dstwo is the first one in the world to work on 3ds v6.2.0-12 and dsi v1.45.

Super card dstwo is a slot 1 flashcart, it is a very good cart for ds lite, DSi and 3ds. it is a much better flashcart than other flashcarts, because dstwo card can provide many features other carts can not offer. This powerful features includes real time save, real time cheat, slow motion, real time guide and play gba games without slot 2 cart. And also many other features.

If you want to enjoy those features, just buy super card dstwo. And before you plan to buy it, make sure it is preflashed for the latest 3ds v6.2.0-12 and dsi v1.45, so you don’t need a ds lite to update it by yourself. I recommend you to buy the best preflashed super card dstwo from here.

SuperCard DSTWO for Nintendo 3DS, DSi, DSi XL/LL, DS Lite and DS

All super card dstwo from this site has been preflashed, all the carts they send out will be the latest version and work on V6.2.0-12 out of box, you don’t need update your console yourself anymore. All you need to do is just download the latest firmware EOS V1.11 and unzip it, open the folder and copy the root files into your micro sd card. Then you can make your dstwo work well on 3DS V6.2.0-12. Another, they also provide free and fast shipping service. This is important to us.

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